Hardware Portability Progress

The hardware for the Kros operating system proof-of-concept can now run entirely on batteries, thus making a fully portable system.

Many of the tasks related to porting the main code to the Nvidia Jetson have been finished, including fixing user interface bugs and confirming that augmented reality video passthrough still works. The larger goal of increasing the portability of the hardware setup was accomplished by purchasing a Beelink SEI10 Mini PC to act as the hand tracking server (this post explains why a separate machine is necessary) and running everything on two batteries, so having access to an outlet is no longer required for reasonable demonstrations.

Remaining Tasks

Of course, a collection of loose components needs something to hold it all together, so a well ventilated bag will be put together to contain the hardware that doesn’t go on the user’s head. Additionally, I want to try to improve the frame rate of the proof-of-concept software for smoother performance.

There may be major unforeseen problems ahead, but I’m excited to be within reach of a critical milestone. I hope this is the year I can begin crowdfunding.

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