Leap Motion vs. MediaPipe

As I mentioned in my last post, I had planned to switch the hand tracking code to MediaPipe before porting the code to the Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier. After spending weeks fighting the build system that MediaPipe uses and porting MediaPipe’s Python hand tracking solution API to C++, I successfully implemented MediaPipe as a handContinue reading “Leap Motion vs. MediaPipe”

Untethering Hand Tracking

I mentioned in the first post that there were three major tasks remaining to complete the proof-of-concept: Improve performance by overhauling the 3D UI layout engine. Finish porting the code to the Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, which I’m using as the computer unit of my portable computer for my proof-of-concept. Switch to hand tracking codeContinue reading “Untethering Hand Tracking”

Kros’s Current Software Stack

In modern times, almost all software depends on other software. So in this more technical post, I’ll talk about the software used by Kros’s proof-of-concept, focusing on what I think are the biggest pieces that will continue to remain an important part of Kros as it evolves. Linux Every operating system needs a kernel toContinue reading “Kros’s Current Software Stack”

About the Hardware

As the Kros Operating System is being created specifically to unlock the full potential of mixed reality (VR and AR) hardware, I thought it might be appropriate to discuss the hardware – specifically what I’ve used for the development process, what else will work with Kros, and what happens as the hardware advances. My HardwareContinue reading “About the Hardware”

Progress and User Experience Overview

Recent Progress For the past week I’ve been working on restructuring the widget layout process in preparation for work on improving the performance which is the first of the three remaining major tasks mentioned in the introductory post. But rather than delving into the details of that restructuring, since widgets (such as buttons, sliders, andContinue reading “Progress and User Experience Overview”

Introduction: What is Kros?

Imagine a wearable portable all-purpose computer that has, not a small flat home screen, but a 3D home world that surrounds you. Imagine being able to do all your computer activities, from work to play, from the mundane to the sublime, with intuitive control in a mixed reality environment. Imagine how this computer would empowerContinue reading “Introduction: What is Kros?”